Cook like a pro with fire and smoke

We're passionate about barbecue and love to spread the Slow Food Gospel.​

Let's 'Q!

Barbecue is about family, friends and fun!

It is the original American Slow Food with its various styles and regional variations enjoyed worldwide.

Relax with your favorite drink while a pro teaches you how to fire up flavor-packed barbecue, including his famous ribs and more mouth-watering smoked meat.

Mick has an easy-going and informal style which lends itself well to backyard instruction. Be sure to bring your appetite and your favorite BBQ beverages!


Our class sizes are smaller (usually under 15 people) and are held in a rustic and Western casual, backyard atmosphere. We honor online discount offers at the School, ensuring you maximum flexibility when your class is purchased here.

Grill & BBQ

$ 149
  • 4 hours
  • Call to Schedule

Low n’ Slow –
Let’s Smoke!

$ 149
  • 4 hours
  • Call to Schedule

Surf’s Up –
Seafood & Vegetables

$ 149
  • 4 hours
  • Call to Schedule

Sonoran Specialties –
A Mexican Fiesta

$ 149
  • 4 hours
  • Call to Schedule

About Pitmaster Mick

Mick relocated to Arizona from Chicagoland where he was hand picked by Sweet Baby Ray to be Pitmaster and General Manager of his only barbecue restaurant.

Prior to that, Mick lived in Ireland where he introduced American low n’ slow barbecue cooking to the natives, starting what is now an island-wide craze.

He has demonstrated and instructed for Weber grills, and has studied under the USA’s most acclaimed and legendary Pitmasters, Mike Mills and Paul Kirk.

Prefer a lesson in your own home?

Create your own custom class based on the menu selection that you choose.

Hire Mick to show you how to make the most of YOUR barbecue grill in the comfort of your own patio or backyard!

$125/hr, minimum 2 hours

Client Testimonials

“Mike was awesome and the food was to die for. Best BBQ I've had in Arizona. It was a perfect date for the afternoon! Would definitely recommend.”
Alyssa T
Google Review
“Mick was very knowledgeable about different types of BBQ. We learned about smokers, char-grilling, and even how to make a pizza on a kamado. During the class, after each demonstration, we got to eat all the wonderful food that he prepared.”
Dennis J
Trip Advisor Review
“We had such a great experience learning about BBQ with Mick! He was super friendly and we learned so much! We seriously loved the relaxed atmosphere as well. Not to mention... the food was great!”
Trip Advisor review
“I got this as a gift from my wife. It was an awesome class. Mick was great at explaining things from charcoal and wood to what each type of grill or smoker works best for this and that. It's obvious that he's been around the biz for quite some time. If you fancy BBQ and want to get better at it, you should come to this class. Come hungry, you will get to eat a lot as well.”
David L
Yelp Review
“Mick was hands down an awesome host and instructor. Plenty of techniques used with a variety of BBQ/ cooker methods! Food tasted great and I got a lot of great info to use. I'm not a novice BBQ'er, but was looking for ways to improve. Great class.”
Anna E
Yelp Review
“We were looking for a fun activity and a cooking class. We made the right choice. It was a great afternoon filled with delicious food and a lot of great information. I am an experienced cook but haven’t had a lot of time around the grill. I wanted to be comfortable when I asked friends over for dinner. Mike is a wealth of bbq information. He makes you feel very comfortable, uses several different types of grills, even gives you a handout when you leave class. I would highly recommend Mike’s Barbecue Masterclass for an individual or for a group!”
Sandy Hunt
Facebook Review

Join the fun!

Ready to eat, laugh, and learn?

Cook Like Mick

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